Good Morning Yogis, and so given the guidance given to us from the Prime Minister yesterday, I have taken the decision to suspend all classes from today.
Your health & safety and that of your families (& of course mine) is my primary concern.This must take precedence over everything in these frightening times. However important or beneficial yoga is this virus is unknown & so we must follow the “Social distancing ” that is being advised.
This is going to be a lonely & scary time for us all but you can stay in touch by following BIRCH TREE YOGA STUDIO on Instagram & Facebook & joining in the LIVE classes that I will be holding for members of the private Facebook group ( subscription £10 per calendar month)
Looking after your mental health is vital too, do take a break from the news at times, its Spring – in good weather get out in the garden, watch the birds , do some gardening, some cathartic Spring cleaning.
Finally, this is just Au Revoir  – I will re open as soon as I feel its safe for us all.Until then stay safe, stay strong and STAY HOME !
                                            “This too will pass.”

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