Happy New Year !

                                 Wishing you a very happy & successful 2018 .

The Studio will be 10 years old this year !  I cant believe it !  So many classes and students over the years and so many original students still attending . When I opened in 2008 this was about the only private Yoga Studio in the area , now as yoga has gone mainstream & everyone is jumping on the “band wagon” there are “Yoga” studios popping up everywhere!

I am still proud of what Birch Tree yoga offers , authentic yoga taught by experienced, well qualified teachers in a beautiful environment -NO goats ,beer, trapezes or gimmicks needed !  Alison has been teaching here for almost the full 10 years , Natalie about 8 and now I also have Gemma, Lottie , Luke & Nikki , all students of mine who are well qualified, reputable yoga teachers, that cover classes here when I need them , and are also teaching authentic yoga in the area. 

              Thank you all for your continued support ,  Namaste       Karen .

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